Pete Goldberg

Pete Goldberg, otherwise known as DJ Wombat. (Courtesy photo)

My dad’s side of the family hails from Delaware, the nation’s first state. It’s a state a lot of people here in Colorado aren’t familiar with unless they used to live in the area or happen to have family from there. My grandmother still lives there, and my childhood summers are full of fond memories of doing our school shopping there (without paying sales tax) and eating Italian subs from classic delis.

I feel like I’m a Delawarian by proxy, so when I meet other Delawarians, there’s an extra sense of excitement, as silly as that may sound.

When I learned that Pete Goldberg, aka DJ Wombat or the Telluride Wall of Sound, not only hailed from Wilmington, but was also a huge Deadhead and reggae fan, I knew he was an awesome guy. Goldberg DJ’ed the SHOW Bar last weekend, and has a pretty solid lineup of gigs booked for the coming weeks.

I’m pleased to  introduce you to Pete Goldberg.


Kathrine Warren: What first brought you to the area, and when was that?

Pete Goldberg: Friends brought me here on Nov. 9, 2017. So I just celebrated my two-year Telluride anniversary.


KW: What made you decide to stay?

PG: New friends and this amazing community of people. I find myself saying "Wow! What an amazing place I get to live in!"


KW: What is one of your earliest musical memories?

PG: I was 12 years old and for the holidays I was given a cassette player (that’s right, a cassette) With three cassettes: Bob Marley’s  “Legend,” Beastie Boys “License to Ill,” and David Bowie “Ziggy Stardust.” I have absolutely been in love with reggae and music ever since. My best friend’s father owned a record shop also, so I grew up hanging out in a music shop!


KW: What is your instrument of choice?

PG: The stereo, because I’m a DJ.


KW: What is your day job?

PG: Production chef at The National.


KW: What is your favorite thing about playing music?

PG: I absolutely love sharing music with people and helping them dance and have as good a time as possible. People digging the music I am selecting is one of my greatest pleasures.


KW: What is your dream gig?

PG: Spinning an opening set to get the crowd hyped for Damian Marley.


KW: What is your all-time favorite album?

PG: “Billy Breathes” by Phish.


KW: What is your most treasured possession?

PG: My box full of ticket stubs — memories of all the shows I've seen are so important to me. I absolutely love live music.


KW: What is your motto?

PG: Keep it simple.


KW: What/who inspires you?

PG: My 15-year-old dog Marley. He has inspired me to be more patient, kind and understanding.


KW: What did you want to be when you grew up?

PG: I wanted to be happy when I grew up. I’m currently very happy and definitely not done growing up!


KW: What album are you currently listening to?

PG: L’Entourloop’s  “Le Savoir Fair.” He is a simply amazing French DJ.


KW: What is your idea of perfect happiness?

PG: I am currently living my perfect happiness. For reals. Living in Telluride is like living in the VIP section of life. That is a quote from a long-time Telluride resident that has truly resonated with me. I use it often.


KW: What is your ultimate road trip album?

PG: Mos Def, “Black on Both Sides.”


KW: What genre of music do you most enjoy playing?

PG: The genre I love playing the most is absolutely reggae.


KW: What artist would you most like to share a stage with?

PG:  I would love to be Skarra Mucci’s DJ. The guy is my favorite thing happening in the reggae world right now.


KW: What was the first album you purchased?

PG: Led Zeppelin 2.


Catch DJ Wombat at the Liberty Nov. 30, The Drop skateboard shop Noel Night, Dec. 4, the Telluride Brewing Company anniversary party Dec. 13, and at the SHOW Bar for the Jojo Herman and Jerry Joseph afterparty Dec. 14. For more information visit