Evil is the absence of goodness, just as a cavity is the absence of a healthy tooth. Consider the movement to affirm children’s gender self-identification. Empirical evidence shows just how damaging this is to a child. It is child abuse. Only 0.002-0.014 percent of the global population actually experiences gender dysmorphia, but given the trendiness of transgenderism, we would never know it. “Theybies” are babies raised with no specific gender attachment until they are ready to choose male, female, both or neither. They have gender-neutral names, gender-neutral clothes, gender-neutral toys and gender-neutral pronouns, which is just bad grammar. This supposed free will isn’t even driven by the child’s desire; it is parents influencing their children.

It’s incomprehensible that parents fall for this preoccupation with gender neutrality because the fact is you simply cannot negate biology. If we were meant to choose our own genders, then we would have been born sans genitalia and hormones, which would develop upon choosing. That’s not science. A baby is born male or female. It has always been this way and always will be until the end of time. The argument that a gender defines a child’s future is absurd. Parents may not wish their little girl to learn to “look pretty, wear pink and be a ballerina.” However, choosing one’s gender will not change that expectation. Rather, it is the parents’ role to raise children to reach their greatest potentials. Parents influence their children while they are still enwombed to grow into well behaved, virtuous, functioning members of society. Parents teach their children to achieve their dreams. The condition of a child’s genitalia has no role in this.  

“Theybie” parenting is an excuse not to parent. It is lazy. Real parents engage with their child, teaching him or her to achieve, to learn and to live, regardless of the genitalia he or she was born with. These “progressive” parents are teaching their children that they are simply not good enough or perfect enough the way they were born. Rather, they are teaching their children, from day zero, that their birth was a mistake of nature, and now they have to be fixed. That is enough to give anyone a serious mental health complex.  

With the emergence of the “theybie” movement came a strange notion that biology is the new great evil of society. That is wrong. Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson argues that empirical evidence shows that people identify psychologically with their physical biology, so the two cannot be separated. If we try, we end up broken. Self-identifying gender is the real evil: “Theybie” parenting creates broken children. That is child abuse.

Imagine a child, born with female biology, is raised in a neutral environment, never comprehending the biological differences between boys and girls. She decides to be a boy because it is more fun to pee in the woods without squatting. Suddenly, biology strikes. She can’t pee in the woods like a boy, because she doesn’t have the correct genitalia. Now she’s confused. Her parents have lied to her. She can’t actually be a boy without going through harrowing hormone therapy or non-reversible surgery. What is this experience doing to this child, this little girl who could have been taught the beautiful value of being a girl, of the amazing things she can add to society, of the talents she possesses in her own right? Instead, she is confused about her biology and thinks she’s limited in her ability to do what she thinks she wants to do. This is a waste of a beautiful child’s potential and has the opposite effect of her parents’ intention. She is limited, not limitless.

Alternatively, what about the little boy who decides he is a girl and wants to run track? He is naturally the fastest runner on the field because, biologically, boys are physically stronger and faster than girls. How is this fair to all the little girls training their hearts out but can never compete against this boy who thinks he is a girl? In New Haven, Connecticut, Andraya Yearwood transitioned from male to female and is winning all the girls’ meets.  

The “theybie” movement is both physically and psychologically damaging to a child. In 2018, the journal Pediatrics published a study that showed increased risk of suicide among transgender teens. According to Dr. Michelle Cretella, executive director of the American College of Pediatrics, the reason is due not to lack of familial support of transgender teens, but to the actual transition process and its physical and psychological stress. According to former transgender Walt Heyer, adults who affirm a child’s gender questioning are actually setting that child up for psychological trauma. Parents are supposed to keep children safe, not create confusion, self-consciousness and self-loathing. We are meant to raise them up, not beat them down.

Finally, by allowing this gender choice nonsense, we are complacent to the detriment of both a generation of children facing lifetimes of trauma and a society that values free speech. In 2012, the Canadian government passed a bill creating government-mandated speech, forcing people to use preferred pronouns of transgenders. This kind of radical government policing is the beginning of authoritarianism, where the government determines what people can and cannot say. It is a direct attack on free speech, and begins with this gender choice issue. This is evil.

Theresa Brown can be reached at tbcontrarian@gmail.com. No question or comment is too scary, too difficult or too offensive.