Mass shootings unfortunately continue. The mass shootings take the notoriety; however in many of the larger, Democratic controlled cities, the same number of people are killed each weekend as in the publicized mass shootings that take the headlines.  

Now, the Mayor of Chicago is blaming surrounding conservative, Republican areas for supplying the guns that are used in the ongoing violence in her city. I wonder how many of the guns used in crimes were properly purchased. I would assume that most are stolen and sold between criminals. I doubt that the average gangbanger travels out of state to purchase a firearm and then comes back to Chicago to commit crime with a gun that can easily be traced back to them.

Walmart is now going to stop selling handguns (Alaska was the last state Walmart sold handguns) and ammunition that is used in many of the popular AR platform rifles. This makes Walmart look like they are doing something to make the liberals happy, when in reality; lawful gun purchasers are losing an outlet for purchase of guns and ammo to protect themselves.

When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

If there were an easy solution to stop violence, it would already be done. If the supply of guns was restricted, other items would be used to commit violence for example knives, cars, bombs. Violence is a means to an end.  It is not the item used to commit the violence, but the threat of violence.

The liberal bastion of San Francisco’s Board of Supervisor’s just declared in a non-binding resolution that the NRA is a domestic terror group. I guess protecting our rights to arms is a crime in their eyes.

Ed Moreland