I want to send a special thanks on behalf of myself and my staff at The Butcher & The Baker to the Town of Telluride Green Grants Committee and EcoAction Partners for the grant money we received this year allowing us to purchase a new compost trailer.

The Butcher & The Baker has been composting our kitchen waste on our farm in Montrose for a year now, using a method that is messy, not efficient and not sustainable on a year-round basis. We applied for a Telluride Green Grant to get a trailer custom made for our composting needs. This trailer not only allows us to continue a practice we feel is critical to our environment, but also allows us to welcome other restaurants and citizens of Telluride to composting. With one full load a week, we estimate a savings of 112 metric tons of CO2 and nearly 160 cubic yards of landfill waste per year.

It is our hope that this trailer will not only reduce the amount of organic waste going to our landfills to be turned in to harmful greenhouse gases, but also help us amend the soils at our farm in Montrose, where we grow produce for our restaurant. Think of it as table to farm to table.

We love living and serving in a community that supports environmental causes as much as we do. Special thanks to Telluride EcoCleaners, Ghost Town, Vicki's Fresh Food Movement, La Cocina, The Coffee Cowboy, Mountain Film and many other concerned citizens who have committed to compost with us and have supported our project. Thank you, Telluride! Now let us turn your spoil into soil!

Megan Ossola

The Butcher & The Baker