A lot of us came to this resort town for fun. I came here for the peace, beauty, tranquility and the sense of community that this place gave me. I also came because it was a great place to raise and educate my children. For economic reasons, I was not able to stay. No doubt many of you can relate to that. I left in the fall of 1991 for the bright lights and big city of Los Angeles. I returned here full time in late 2004. It was still a livable, though less affordable, place. We are losing sight of the values that brought many of us here, and we must work together to restore our vision without designer eyewear, commercial eye candy and glitz. That is simply not us.

The difficulties of this place have always built character. People who came here and stayed here had true grit; that is how they survived. Today, more and more, people want things handed to them with little effort on their part. That is not the way of survivors, builders and pioneers.

I have true grit. It took that to survive in the very competitive world of Hollywood filmmaking in which I operated successfully for 33 years. I learned grit when I was a young man; it was necessary to succeed. In the years I have lived here, I have learned the way of compassion as well. I will combine my life experience to serve you with determination and compassion.

I am not a stranger to town government. I served on your Town Council from 2007-11. In 2008, we were plunged into the deepest recession in my lifetime. It was a difficult time. We put a three-stage recession plan into effect. Ultimately, we had to implement all three stages of that plan. It was a delicate balance pre-planned by former town manager Frank Bell and a Town Council that worked well together for the benefit of the community. Many people, unfortunately, lost their homes during that dark period. As a town, we got through relatively unscathed because we had clear goals and we worked together to achieve them. This spirit has been lost on this contentious, current council that lacks strong leadership. The two incumbents who are running for mayor have not served you well, in my opinion. That must change. I will work to effect that change.

Vote for change, vote for David Oyster for mayor of Telluride, and tell a friend.

David F. Oyster

Telluride mayoral candidate