Did you know that idling for more than 10 seconds uses more fuel and produces more emissions than stopping and restarting your engine does? Idling contributes to smog and climate change. It reduces fuel efficiency and creates pollution. In Telluride, if you idle for more than 30 seconds (three minutes in winter) you can get a ticket.

You may have noticed the new royal blue “No Idling” signs that the Town of Telluride has recently installed around town. These signs are meant to remind us all to turn off our engines. This summer, with increased curbside pickup and outdoor dining venues on Colorado Avenue, it is even more imperative to obey this law.

According to the U. S. Department of Energy, “idling from heavy-duty and light-duty vehicles combined wastes about 6 billion gallons of fuel annually. About half of that is attributable to personal vehicles, which generate around 30 million tons of CO2 every year just by idling. While the impact of idling may be small on a per-car basis, the impact of the 250 million personal vehicles in the U.S. adds up. Eliminating the unnecessary idling of personal vehicles would be the same as taking 5 million vehicles off the roads.” 

Please do your part to help maintain healthy air quality in the box canyon that we all call home.

Telluride Ecology Commission