We want to thank and commend the Telluride Parks and Rec Department for the outstanding operation at the Town Park pool this summer. The pool was a true sanctuary for us. The online reservation system worked well and, despite its multi-step process, provided the certainty that you had your own lane at the designated time. Ryan McGovern, Kurt Friederich, Ben Marshall and Mark Sturdevant managed the facilities like pros. Lisa Ball and Karl Kennefick and their crew were amazing! The lifeguards and pool employees were always so gracious and pleasant. We know that asking the same COVID-19-related questions to each pool user must get monotonous.  Despite the repetition, the staff maintained a positive attitude and the pool provided a respite from the daily grind. We were also grateful for the bonus dates added to prolong the season. Thank you all for the extraordinary effort! 

Joanna Brown, Kristine Hilbert, Lois Major, Melissa Plantz, Thalia Pryor & Cindy Putnam