There are many of us completely aghast that Telluride is considering horse-drawn carriages.  I wrote a letter in March to town council objecting and citing relevant and informative articles, with no response, and town council just blindly barged ahead without really knowing what the problems are.

The horse people trying to push this through will most likely say all is fine; the horses are fine; everyone is just making a lot out of nothing.  That is far from reality.  The reality for the horses is grim.  They are not built to stand or walk on pavement all day or even often.  They will gradually break down in a variety of ways.  Their hooves are a large percentage of their blood flow; that will be compromised substantially.  They will stand for long hours in heat.  

The irony is that Telluride prides itself in being informed and “sustainable environmentally.”  This is anything but that.  This is turning the clock backward.  Every community that has horse-drawn carriages that I’m aware of is battling environmentalists who are concerned for the welfare of the horses.  It is very bad for the horses.  Ask people who know horses and care about them.  Ask people who actually are informed and not out for personal gain.  

Then there are the injuries and fatalities associated with horses in cramped areas, around cars, and around pedestrians and children.  One might want to take that into consideration and do a little research about that.  Again, I’m just appalled and totally against this idea.

Susannah Smith, PhD