My name is Morgan Watkinson. I’m a junior at Telluride High School and am writing to share my experience with our mentorship program. I have been mentoring with Colin Sullivan and Jen Julia from Telluride Theatre. I chose to mentor with their program because of my interest and love for theater and acting.

I have worked with Colin and Jen in the past and was given great direction. Through this mentorship, I am learning about playwriting and all the behind-the-scenes aspects of theater production, which I am finding to be a very interesting part of theater.

Another highlight of my experience has been writing my own play. It has been so exciting writing and discussing my work with Jen. I have learned so much from her and Colin. It has been great. My knowledge and the growth I have acquired from them directly has been inspirational as I look ahead to my future. I am confident that this will help me in my aspirations to pursue a future in theater.

If theater is something of interest for students coming into the mentorship program, I would highly recommend working with the Telluride Theatre, I have learned so much.

Morgan Watkinson

Telluride High School