After such an upside down year for my wife and I, we are turning a page in our book to begin a new chapter. We are leaving Telluride and our home in Ophir to reside in the sacred land of the Ancient Puebloans of Chaco, Mesa Verde, and nearer our indigenous relatives in Taos. Not so far from our beloved shining mountains and the Ophir Valley, but to a warmer place where we can see the moment of sunrise and sunset unobstructed by mysterious canyon walls and lofty peaks. To a place truly different from where we have resided for decades. My wife feels an emotional separation even more so than I, having lived here for some three decades, which was long enough to be part of the landscape and the stewardship and the history. We have seen many come and go, born and grow, succeed and fail, but always rising higher.

However you may remember us, we did strive to impact positively. We will be gone, but we will always remember you all, as friends and fellow travelers and pioneers. Many thanks to local vendors, the planet, the people, and most of all the Telluride Ski Resort, for without them, we would not have been here — the place where I met my wonderful gem of a wife!

Coach Miller and Monica Carey