We, the Telluride Jewish Community, want to add our voices to the outrage, disbelief, shock, sadness, and yes, disappointment, in the aftermath of the anti-Semitic massacre in Pittsburgh this past week.  

Outrage: How dare this person slaughter innocent people on the Sabbath at a synagogue, a place of refuge and sanctuary.

Disbelief: How can this happen today in the United States, a land founded on tolerance and inclusion?

Shock: It can happen and it does happen, as evidenced by this horrible event in Pittsburgh.  

We recognize that Jews aren’t the only group targeted for discrimination — we just have a long and painful history of experiencing it. There is no place in our lives, in the lives of the people of our community, of the nation, of the world, for the type of hate represented by the murderer in Pittsburgh. We are so saddened by this hate it chokes and pains us. And we are disappointed that such an event can occur in our great nation, where we have come to feel safe.

Let our community be a bastion of tolerance for all of its inhabitants, whether our differences are religious, political, ethnic, of sexual orientation or country of origin. Let us realize the potential for coexistence and tolerance that our Founding Fathers intended. We mourn for the lost souls in Pittsburgh, we mourn for all senseless killing worldwide and we mourn for the lost souls in this country who hold this sort of irrational hatred.

 May we somehow extinguish all irrational hatred and senseless murder in our lifetime.

The Telluride Jewish Community