My name is Lindsey MacIntire, and I work as a paramedic for the Telluride Fire Protection District. I was sent with an ambulance for a vehicle off the road at the top of Lizard Head Pass during Christmas week in the middle of the night. In blizzard conditions, I found two young women without coats, huddled in what was left of their new car with their three large dogs, about 30 feet off the edge of the highway. Everyone was OK, mostly shaken up and cold. I took all of them into the ambulance and back to town to try and make a plan for the night. Unfortunately, it was late, they didn’t have credit cards or enough cash to support accidental Telluride Christmas hotel rates, and with three dogs, things just became even more complicated. We kept them at the firehouse that night in our volunteer quarters, but the next day their misfortune did not melt in the sun. Too young to rent a car, no family or friends that could help, only minimum insurance on the car, these girls were stuck in a bad way. 

I am sending a giant thank you to the community for stepping up and helping these sweet girls get home. KOTO got our cry for help on the airways, some threads on Telluride community Facebook pages took off, and the next thing I know the girls are so well taken care of it’s beyond comprehension! Christy Owings Pettit, who is the GM at Hotel Telluride, called me immediately. She gave the girls five free nights at the hotel, dog beds included, and a ride to Montrose if they should need it. I was overwhelmed at how many people stepped up to drive them back to Phoenix! Deborah Gesmundo packed the girls and dogs right up and drove them all the way home (16 hours)! People pooled gas money to get the job done! It was amazing! Thank you, Telluirde. Thank you for that bright reminder that this town is really something else!

Lindsey MacIntire

Telluride Fire Protection District