It seems to me, if memory serves me right, that basically the country as a whole accepted the election of Donald J. Trump for president in 2016 without question. We on the left of center were not in the least bit happy, but we did not fight the issue. He lost by 3 million popular votes, but, following the Constitution of the United States, he was legally elected and subsequently inaugurated. 

There were no lawsuits, no riots or protests, no obnoxious flag waving and name calling, no gun toting, just acceptance of the fact that he was the rightful leader of our nation. Based on the Constitution, we all have a right to vote for the person we want to see in the White House; we all have the right to speak out when we disagree; we all have the right to criticize and judge those in office without fear of retribution, whether it be local, state or national entities. To seriously threaten innocent lives because one's candidate did not win is unacceptable.

Donald Trump has lost this election fair and square. Yes, it hasn't been certified and the electors have not voted, but one cannot deny the number of ballots that have been submitted for President-elect Joe Biden. Try as his followers might to interfere with the outcome of this election, the voting process is sacrosanct in all states. Voting is our most precious right. Trump's cronies can look under every nook and cranny, and they will not find that fraud is rampant. It is virtually non-existent.

I served as a poll worker for about 45 years, the last 20 in Montrose County.  I can verify beyond any doubt that everything done in Colorado, especially since we began using only mail-in ballots, is above board and 100 percent secure from fraudulent practices.

It is time for the country to get back to being the United States of America.  Give Joe Biden a chance! His heart is in the right place. He truly wants to be the president for all of us, not just those who voted for him. He is a breath of fresh air; at least I am breathing easier these last few days.

Holly von Helms