I wanted to send this letter to encourage SMART to look for another location for their transportation. I am writing from several perspectives; a gymnastics and ninja parent, CrossFit athlete, and advocate for safe and healthy places for kids. I understand that SMART is under contract to purchase the facility that currently houses Telluride Gymnastics and Telluride CrossFit. While I do believe in the need for a better public transportation, I am worried that it will take one of the spaces that are available as a healthy choice for kids. My daughter has been involved in gymnastics for the past four-and-a-half years. I started her because of the dedication I saw of the high school athletes. I wanted my child to be a part of something that was positive as well as provided an outlet for physical fitness. She has grown to love the sport, the team, the coaches and everything that goes with it. It is because of her involvement that my son has been doing ninja and I started CrossFit. 

Over the years I have been part of various discussions to look for solutions for the youth of Telluride to make safe, healthy choices. Telluride Gymnastics is one of those places, and as someone who is heavily involved in the well being of our youth, I urge SMART to look elsewhere for their needs and keep this space as one for the kids of our community. The bonus for me is CrossFit. In a town that highlights festivals that often times center around substances, I would like to see our community keep a focus on overall well being, which CrossFit provides not only for adults but teenagers as well.

Sara Kimble

Telluride Middle/High School principal