I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to a number of town employees and their hardworking crews. Throughout obstacles, they work tirelessly to serve countless requests and duties. The recent reopening of Colorado Avenue is like a breath of fresh air, wonderful. One might never have known the chaos that was Main Street this summer except that we all do, as we were and are, all still here, accommodating COVID-19, Colorado Avenue businesses and the masses! The brief but not canceled Adult Softball League was a highlight in a summer full of cancelations. 

Among town employees but not limited to, Sally Jones from Parks and Rec, Kurt Friederich, Rich Estes, Mark Kennefick, Ross Caswell and Patrick Dalpez, they all deserve our thanks. They do hard and often dirty work, thoroughly maintaining many aspects of our town and they pay attention to the folks living here. They exemplify community, as they are always ready and willing to lend a hand when requests fly their way. They are friendly and approachable. They choose civility when presented with challenges. We are lucky to have them amidst us. They are Telluride pillars that have chosen to be hardworking and kind. I hope they sense gratitude from the community that they serve. I hope they feel the love, and continue to whistle while they work. Thanks! 

Kim Richard