We Coloradans have the fantastic opportunity to replace a Republican senator with a Democratic one this November. In June, we will vote which Democrat will be on the November ballot. The race is between two white middle-aged men, one with immediate name recognition, the other a bit less well known. Yeah, one is John Hickenlooper, former governor, failed presidential candidate, famous for gulping a glass of fracking fluid. The other is Andrew Romanoff.

Romanoff is a candidate I actually want to vote for. I like voting for someone who has not only brains (Yale, Harvard, University of Denver), but also a heart and a soul (teaching English in Central America, working for Southern Poverty Law Center, being president and CEO of Mental Health Colorado), and plenty legislative political experience as a four-term member of the Colorado House of Representatives, including two terms as speaker of the House.

Andrew Romanoff is also my candidate because he represents my own ideals: He fully adopted the Green New Deal, supports Medicare for All, advocates for strict gun control and women's rights. He does not accept campaign contributions from oil and gas; he spoke honestly and passionately at a racial justice forum just this past Saturday in the midst of the protests. Asked what "Black Lives Matter" means to them, Hickenlooper answered with the lukewarm platitude that "all lives matter," while Romanoff fully acknowledged a history of crime (slavery), injustice and persistent prejudice against African Americans and the urgent need for reform.  

To get acquainted with this candidate I recommend you join one of the virtual town halls he conducts every Tuesday at 5 p.m. and Friday at noon; just go to his website and check him out.

Ballots will go out on June 9, early voting will start on June 22, and actual voting day will be June 30 for the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate. We have a chance of replacing Cory Gardner with an excellent, progressive and well-rounded candidate. Please vote. Vote Romanoff. Thanks! Onward together

Elisabeth Gick