I would be honored if you would elect me as your mayor in the coming election Nov. 5. If so honored, I will work diligently for the benefit of all the residents of Telluride, not for one particular economic sector.

I have no agenda other than to serve diligently and faithfully as your mayor. I do not have my sights set on some further political advantage or office. This is my home; it is where my heart is. The soil of Telluride is under my fingernails. Her sunny skies warm me, her wintry blasts ground me and her waters nurture me. It is my desire to work with you to protect our community values and treasured natural environment.

A leader is not an autocrat. A leader seeks consensus and finds beneficial compromise. A leader works to move forward based on factual information, not on rumor and innuendo. I am — and will be — such a leader.

This election is a mail-in ballot. The ballots will be mailed Oct. 18, and must be returned by 5 p.m. Nov. 5. If you plan to be leaving town, pick up your ballot at the San Miguel County Clerk’s Office and mail it before you leave town. Make your vote count. It is important.

For mayor, this is a ranked choice election. Please select me as your first choice. If you have already decided on one of the other candidates, please make me your second choice. Every vote counts.

Vote for me for mayor, and tell a friend. Thanks for your consideration.

David Oyster