I urge you to vote for Diane Mitsch Bush to represent us in the U.S. House of Representatives. We must reject Lauren Boebert’s dangerous far-right agenda. 

Lauren Boebert consistently supports violent terrorist militia groups and baseless QAnon conspiracy theories.  

Lauren Boebert saw nothing wrong when heavily armed militia members stormed the Michigan state capitol. When given the chance to condemn such radical vigilantism, she said, “I don’t see why they’re not allowed to.”  

Lauren Boebert stands behind Donald Trump in his refusal to condemn the white nationalist racist hate group, the Proud Boys. 

Boebert also supports the far-right anti-government paramilitary terrorist militia group, the Three Percenters.  

It’s downright terrifying to consider that these violent domestic terrorist organizations are establishing a foothold in the United States of America. Our soldiers have fought wars to combat such hate and violence around the world. It is up to us to reject this. We are much, much better than this. 

Diane Mitsch Bush, on the other hand, has a proven track record of fighting for the rights and interests of rural Coloradans. From a Routt County commissioner to a Colorado State House Representative, Diane is a proven, hard-working champion for the rights, the economic well-being and the health of our communities.  

We Coloradans deserve a level-headed, experienced, well-educated congresswoman to represent us in Washington, not a novice reactionary extremist who lacks the skills, knowledge and expertise for the job. 

Vote for Diane Mitsch Bush. 

James Kahn