I lived in Telluride for 31 years and was intimately involved in all the issues of the day, including the library, the pavilion, and the acquisition and preservation of the Valley Floor. These issues were always contentious (the library won by only two votes). But we always remained a caring community and mostly worked together to keep Telluride the vibrant and caring place we all wanted.

I recently had to move to Denver because of some health problems, but I still think of Telluride as my home and try to keep up with the goings-on there. I read in Sunday’s Daily Planet about Michael Zivian's desire to convert his Creekside units to condos. The article referenced a letter from a resident of Creekside, bemoaning the fact he would have to move and there is no place in town to move to. I empathize with the writer and all those who find themselves in similar circumstances, but blaming Michael is unfair and unproductive. He has been a longtime, active supporter of all things important to the community, like affordable housing and other relevant issues. There are solutions to the dearth of affordable housing for full-time community residents, but these solutions will take creative thinking and planning, political activism and political will.

I fell in love with Telluride’s beauty, not only the beauty of the landscape, but the beauty of the people who live there. There were and I hope still are, people who care about the right things. Michael Zivian certainly is one of those people. Praise him for his many contributions, but please don’t criticize him for wanting to retire at age 76 and free himself from some of his responsibilities.

Eileen McGinley

Formerly of Telluride