November brings us to the doorstep of the winter season. A time for me to reflect and appreciate what is and what once was.

Most of us migrated to Telluride to ski. Before us, it was to search for gold and silver. Those early prospectors delivered the roads, trails and people that ultimately became ski pioneers.

Thanks to Joe, Billy, Ron, Jim, Johnnie and all who created this ski haven for us. Every generation has those who see the future of a place and what it is and what it can be.

Behind every name there is a story, behind every story there is a person that had a vision. Ron and Joyce in 1978 had a vision and their success became our destination. Now it is our turn to maintain and carry on the dream!

Our mountain town is full of colorful characters, present and past. Butch and Sundance may have gotten away with the loot, but we have more in our lives than anyone could ever have imagined!

Coach Miller