St. Michaels Association for Special Education (SMASE) is very grateful for much needed donations of food, supplies, essential items, hand-sewn masks, N95 masks, sanitizers and other items received from the "Telluride Operation" team and the Telluride community. This endeavor resulted in the continued protection of the members of SMASE due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We appreciate the contributions and the many trips made to St. Michaels to deliver these items. This takes a tremendous amount of time, communication, work and commuting, from Telluride to St. Michaels, Arizona, to make deliveries.

The "Telluride Operation" (our name for your community outreach) includes residents from the Town of Telluride, surrounding communities and throughout the country, with people continuously becoming involved. There are other individuals, organizations and businesses joining in on this project and giving SMASE additional support. The success of the project is due to the kindhearted people who make a difference, and continue to impact the health and safety of our students and staff.

SMASE is a chartered school providing education and services to developmentally disadvantaged individuals, learning limitations and autism, and also provides residential homes for round-the-clock care of individuals with high needs. 

We are tremendously supported by Telluride. The staff and students are blessed with the sharing and caring of everyone involved in this continued effort to support our SMASE community. It is amazing, the work and coordination of individuals who have communicated with others who have become a part of this project. We are very thankful for our Telluride family.

Rita Hubbell

St. Michaels Association for Special Education