On behalf of the junior and senior IB English class at the Telluride Mountain School, we would like to offer our public thanks to Telluride Theatre Executive Director Colin Sullivan. Over the past month, Colin read and performed Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” with us, giving us invaluable tips, and making the project both meaningful and engaging. He graciously donated his time, so we’d like to acknowledge him in the public forum.

Colin provided both the history behind the plays and the legacy of performing them. And he did so with humor and enthusiasm, uplifting the entire experience. We learned how to sword fight, and we even got to wear medieval costumes.

Our class thanks you for taking your own time to come teach us about Shakespeare and for preparing us for our school performance. Your guidance and dedication to this project made this production come to life, forever transforming the way we think about Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy. Thank you, Colin!

The junior and senior & teacher

Emily Shoff