My name is Francesca Schillaci, and I am a senior who is participating in the Telluride High School Mentorship Program. Like most seniors, I am not completely sure what I would like to pursue later in life. I do, however, appreciate the lack of ambiguity in math and the abundance of only one correct answer. Throughout middle and high school, math has always been my favorite subject. Without a doubt, math is used to a certain degree in any finance career. Given that the Telluride Ski Resort plays such a crucial role in the economic success of Telluride, I chose to mentor Patrick Berry, the resort’s director of finance.

My ultimate goal for my mentorship is to figure out whether a career in finance is something I would enjoy. Patrick had the same goal in mind for me. When I first met with Patrick in his office, he asked me why I work. There was a moment of silence, as I had not put too much thought into it. I responded and said that I work so that I can travel the world. I said that ideally, I would enjoy my career so that I would never truly work a day in my life. Patrick has been a great mentor because he has taught me the basics of finance, and I now have a greater understanding of the operations of our economy, stock market and taxes.

I would recommend the THS mentorship program to every student as one can deepen their knowledge in their interested career of choice and/or one can “test out the waters” before we graduate.

Francesca Schillaci

Telluride High School senior