My name is Julien Brooks, and I am currently the mentee of Joel Cantor, the CEO and founder of Cantor Funds Management LLC, a real estate private equity firm based out of Saint Petersburg, Florida. I have been extremely interested in both real estate and finance for a few years now, making this an amazing opportunity for me to further my knowledge in both fields. I have been working closely with both Joel and his investment associate, Michael Bennett. We are currently working on a 41-unit, mixed-use development in Ridgway in order to provide much needed affordable housing and to meet the rapidly growing housing demand in Ridgway, Telluride and the surrounding areas. I meet with Joel to learn more about real estate development and investment and am learning how to do financial modeling with Michael, recently creating a pro-forma and project sale vs. rental rate matrix. It has been a fantastic experience and I am still baffled at how much I have learned in just two months. 

Julien D. Brooks

Telluride High School