I am one month into my 13th year of working in public education and I’m writing this letter in support of several ballot issues that impact the Telluride School District. In the years that I have worked for the district, I have watched about 1,000 students walk across the stage of the Palm Theatre to receive a THS diploma. I have worked alongside teachers who put in countless hours to do what is best for students. I have laughed and cried with kids as they struggle through the ups and downs of pre-teen and teenage years. This past year, prior to the start of the 2018 school year, the staff members at TMHS shared their “why” with one another. Teachers spoke about their desire to help young people follow their passion, their belief in each and every child, their belief in that educating a child makes the world a better place, the growth they get to be a part of, the relationships they develop with kids and much and much more.

In November, voters will be asked to vote on Amendment 73 and local Measure 4A, I cannot stress enough the importance of voting yes on both the state and local ballot measures. The State of Colorado is one of the lowest in regards to school funding. Colorado ranks 42nd out of 51 — including Washington, D.C. — in per-pupil funding. Due to TABOR and Gallagher, as well as the Negative Factor, the school district has been underfunded by 9 million dollars from 2009-18. The majority of schools in Colorado are going to a four day school week, which I believe is not best for kids. I am proud of what we do at Telluride School District and proud to live in a community that supports public education. I can say that on a daily basis we make decisions that are best for kids. I believe that by voting yes on Amendment 73 and 4A Telluride School District will be able to uphold our high level of education. It is important to note that if Amendment 73 passes at the state level the district will not impose 4A. The goal is to continue to be able to provide small class sizes, recruit and retain the best teachers, maintain excellent programming, and do what is best for all students, we cannot do that without an increase in funding.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” according to Nelson Mandela.

Please join me in voting yes on Amendment 73 and 4A. We have a statewide hope or a local guarantee.

Sara Kimble

Telluride Middle/

High School principal