Last Thursday evening, our two five- and almost-five-year-old daughters decided it would be fun to play an unannounced game of hide and seek. They slipped upstairs, tucked themselves in the darkest corner of a very full closet and maintained absolute silence for the next hour and a half.

Realizing it was dinnertime, the two fathers called for the girls to come down. No response. We went upstairs. No sign. We scoured the house. Unfortunately, due to a bad case of “male pattern blindness,” we overlooked the girls in the back of a closet.

We moved outdoors to search the nearby playground and trash building. Still no luck. Our hunt quickly expanded throughout Lawson Hill. As the word got around, friends and neighbors joined in. Throughout the next increasingly frantic hour, we returned to the house a half dozen times hoping to find two hungry kids. We called their names and looked everywhere—everywhere that is except behind the boxes in the closet.

Just before dusk, we called 911. Within ten minutes, sheriff’s deputies arrived, just as the girls were found by one of the moms who had just returned home from work.

We’d like to thank the San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office for their prompt and professional response. We’d also like to thank the many neighbors and friends in Lawson Hill who jumped in to help us look for our mischievous daughters.

That night, the strength of our community was palpable. We’re deeply grateful to live in a place that looks out for our children as they would their own.

Josh Orintas

Caitlin Orintas

Lance Waring

Laura Colbert

Lawson Hill