What a beautiful time for us to stop and listen. In a world where the birds are the loudest sound we hear, where we are grateful for every human that passes us by and where we can just be. This is the healing we have been asking for, this is the time when we can reflect on what we want our futures to look like and what needs to stay behind us. We finally have the time, space, and energy to choose where we want to go next. To choose a future filled with natural lushness and beauty, a future with equality, diversity, kindness, and love. 

Now is the time to choose togetherness and hope. How can we make our economy more sustainable without wholly depending on more construction, tourism, and festivals? How can we provide for our region by supporting the year-round working people? How can we provide year-round accessible housing for everyone who needs it? Telluride has always been a community that leads by example. Let's start the revolution here!

Crisanne Schworn