It is times like these when leadership makes all the difference in the world.  We are the Colorado Manufacturer’s COVID Task Force and as volunteers who simply want to protect and save lives while supporting our economy and community during this difficult time, we have found a group of leaders in your broader community and we simply want to say, thank you!

We are the team, under the H2 Manufacturing Solutions umbrella, who first worked with Hilary Cooper, San Miguel County Commissioner, to identify needs in the community to help ensure that schools and county buildings were safe during COVID and to allow them to open by doing our COVID Safety System and Certification program.  There, we worked with Mary Lynne Chambers, Cathy Barber and Andy Schoff in Telluride schools along with health commissioner Grace Franklin.

From there, we worked with Tod Lokey at Ouray School District R-1 who wanted to keep his team and community safe, which then led to working with Susan Lacy at Ridgway School District R-2 who wanted to do the same. Then came Tanner Kingery’s efforts which led us to conduct our Safety System with county buildings in Ouray and in Ridgway under the leadership of Preston Neill and Joe Coleman and with the support of Ouray county commissioner, Ben Tisdel.

Why do we go through this list? Because it matters. These are leaders. They care about their communities, teammates and our kids. They are problem solvers and innovators and, they have courage, as leaders do.

As volunteers eager to help and do good, we are grateful for your community of leaders. When living through a pandemic and many other challenges, it gives us peace of mind to know that San Miguel, Ouray and Ridgway counties are in good hands.  

The Colorado Manufacturer’s COVID Task Force