I am so grateful to see how the residents and leaders of Telluride have done so much to maintain our community vitality, while responding to the pandemic, and wish to share my thanks. Thanks to all for masking, encouraging vaccinations, planning for and getting our boosters, and being in well-ventilated spaces. I hope that as we look at 90 percent of Colorado ICU beds being full and patients in Montrose being in hospital hallways that Telluride can also consider having access to monoclonal antibodies to prevent severe COVID.

Monoclonal antibodies (such as the one known by the brand name Regeneron) are highly effective at preventing severe COVID and also preventing deaths from COVID. Regeneron is provided for free through the federal government, although local clinics, hospitals and pharmacies need to do work to plan to order, store and administer it. Recently, Regeneron was approved for being given as a shot instead of in an IV — making it even easier to save lives.

A federal website indicating where monoclonal antibodies are available indicates they are not presently offered near Telluride. I hope that changes soon, and sincerely appreciate all of those people who are exploring ways to have this available, particularly as we head into the winter season, when cases are expected to increase.

Eileen Barrett, MD, MPH