The protests have had a real significant impact. Watching communities coming together in solidarity is beautiful. Watching you starting your journey to bring social and racial justice change is beautiful. But it is not enough. It is time to do more. We want equity. Black, Indigenous and people of color need justice. Do you know what that justice looks like? Do you know what those needs are? What do your friends look like? What will you do next to stand in solidarity to support the people of color right here in Telluride?

Will you call out racism when you see it?

Will you dismantle your own racism?

Will you recognize your microaggressions?

Will you demand diversity in your organization/business?

Will you call out discrimination and unfairness?

Will you demand and make seats available for underrepresented identities at the management executive level?

Will you demand diversity within boards?

Will you demand mandatory anti-racist training for all your staff?

Will you hold your workplace accountable to end discriminatory practices?

Will you make space for people of color?

Will you listen to people of color?

Will you elevate the voices of people of color?

What are the actions you are going to take? What will you learn from all of this? How will you intentionally create change? Use the power you hold to shift the power. Learn from the people of color in your community. We are here and we see you. Do you see us?

We invite you to engage. The Latino Advocacy Committee is a coalition of frontline health care workers, educators, nonprofit staff and social service providers who interface on a regular basis with San Miguel County’s Latinx population to ensure that San Miguel County organizations are responsive to and supportive of our Latino population. To help achieve this goal, the committee facilitates anti-racism trainings. For more information contact, and add Latino Advocacy Committee to the subject line.

Claudia García Curzió, Latina on the Latino Advocacy Committee, Telluride 

Gloria Chavira, Latina on the Latino Advocacy Committee, Telluride 

Emily Osan, master’s of social work student, Telluride