As a 40-year local, I am voting yes on 300 to preserve our community. I am voting no on 2D for several reasons.

Many of the people supporting 2D do not live in town and are not adversely impacted by an increasing number of short-term rentals in our neighborhoods. They do however benefit economically from having a large quantity of short-term rentals in town through their businesses. 2D does not have our best interest in mind for those of us who live in the Town of Telluride who want a healthy and balanced community.

I am not against STR’s but there needs to be a balance and anything that goes unchecked will get out of control. From a perspective of someone living in the same condo in a high-density neighborhood for over 20 years, Telluride has already surpassed a reasonable amount of STR’s. 300 addresses the problem. 2D does not.

Many of our neighborhoods have flipped from having a majority of owner occupied and long-term rental units to now having a majority of STR units. If you live in a deed restricted neighborhood, you may not have seen this change and experienced the impact as we who live in these high-density neighborhoods. The problem exists and regulation is overdue. Many resort towns and cities have implemented regulations over the last several years. It has not ruined their economy nor real estate sales.

Towns have residential and commercial zoning to create a balanced community. STR’s are basically businesses being run in residential neighborhoods. Now there is traffic and noise similar to commercial areas in residential neighborhoods. As rental guests are typically and understandably in vacation mode, there is quite often disrespectful behavior. With less STR’s throughout neighborhoods we would restore the local community and many tourists will shift back to commercial zones. The Town will still retain those tourism dollars in lodging, restaurant, retail and recreation revenue. 300 addresses the problem. 2D does not.

2D will not allow locals wanting to rent their primary residence to obtain a STR license for at least the next two years if you currently do not already have a license. 300 allows locals to obtain a license at any time to rent their primary residence and is excluded from the lottery system.

300 will increase long-term housing immediately without cost to the Town. At least 10 STR’s will be converted to long-term rentals. 2D would take five years to raise enough funds to build 10 units. 2D will not be affective in changing the speed of housing being built. Town of Telluride controls the affordable housing fund and how and when the money is deployed.

The Town was already planning to increase STR business license fees before 2D was presented so contributions into the fund will increase without 2D.

So, what’s the point of 2D? Self-interest?

Paul Russell