My mentorship experience


This semester, I am enrolled in the Telluride High School Mentorship Program. I am mentoring with John Hunt, a senior vice president for investments at Wells Fargo. I chose to have John as my mentor because he has a vast comprehension and experience in investing, which is the main topic I wanted to learn more about. By the end of this program, I hope to have a greater sense of stocks and to build a profitable portfolio. I plan on applying John's 30 years of experience to my observations of how the real market works. If any THS student seeks to have a deeper understanding of their interests, I absolutely recommend the Telluride High School Mentorship Program. This process has allowed me to grasp more insight on investing. A mentorship is a critical tool for expanding your knowledge on careers you are interested in pursuing for your future occupation. I am very confident that this mentorship will propel me into life with reliable resources that will bring me to my own financial freedom. I feel extremely enthusiastic and excited to continue this mentorship and to gain an even better understanding of investing.

Ty Segerstrom

Telluride High School junior