Dear Editor:

I am a student, a naturalist, and public land worshipper. As a young voter concerned about the climate crisis and our imperiled biosphere’s future, I am deeply disturbed by the policies (or lack thereof) of Congressional District 3’s “CD3” candidate Lauren Boebert and impressed by the policies advocated by candidate Diane Mitsch Bush.

Thousands of workers laid off during COVID-19 exposed the oil and gas industries’ inherent volatility. I sympathize with all the communities across CD3 who suffer as the coal industry declines. Regretfully, coal, oil, and gas are all non-renewable resources and, as such, are becoming less feasible environmentally and economically every year. I agree we need to solve the problem but not by perpetuating it.

Diane Mitsch Bush, Boebert’s challenger, supports solutions that include transition policies for individuals employed in traditional fossil fuel industries. Transition strategies keep employees employed while protecting the health and welfare of all the residents of CD3. According to the World Resources Institute, investment in the renewable energy sector generates three times more jobs than the fossil fuel industry. In that regard, Mitsch Bush opposes a proposed natural gas pipeline called Jordan Cove that will transport Colorado’s resources to Asian markets and expose communities to pollutants and spills during extraction, storage, and transport. Lauren Boebert speaks of Mitsch Bush’s plan to strengthen renewable energy as “outsourcing our energy to communists in China” while she, Lauren, supports the pipeline. Excuse me, but where is the Jordan Cove pipeline headed, again?

Boebert, who incidentally is not trained in the subject of natural resources, contends of our district: “We have the cleanest resources, the richest resources, and we have the best people to extract those resources.” Boebert’s stated goals include the aim to slash the Green New Deal by proclaiming irresponsibly to: “Drill, baby, drill!” I do not share her triumphalism because I recently read a statistic from the Denver Post that found that 193 Colorado oil and gas facilities operate without required Clean Air Act permits. These non-permitted entities release cancer-causing benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene pollutants. As a young person concerned about my future health and my fellow residents’ health in CD3, environmental protections are at the forefront of my issues.

As a current student who believes in the value of education to my generation and future generations, I think it is appropriate that my representative stands up for public education and lowers college student loan debt. Unlike candidate Boebert, Mitsch-Bush has a proven record of defending public education in the Colorado House of Representatives. Mitsch Bush wisely, and with a view to our future, vows to fight for students and teachers and against predatory student lenders while in the U.S. Congress. I shudder to think of a potential representative, Lauren Boebert, who claims unapologetically that there “shouldn’t even be a Department of Education.” What college did Boebert attend?

Spread the word, volunteer, vote. We have a great deal at stake and a great candidate who is experienced and wants to represent us. Please vote for environmentally and educationally friendly and economically responsible Diane Mitsch Bush for Colorado’s Congressional District 3 to the United States House of Representatives.

Soleil Gaylord


Dartmouth College Class of 2022