Catching highlights of the Democratic convention you would think all is well in Democrats control. They don’t talk about the riots that are in Democratic-led cities. The Mayor of Portland said the riots would end if the federal agents were to stop protecting the federal courthouse. The agents left with Oregon State Police taking over. The Oregon officers left when the DA in Portland said he was not filing charges on the protesters that we locally would call rioters and looters. The riots have continued in Portland, now for more than 80 days. The Democrats were even afraid to blame Trump for problems in these cities. The Dems want to run from “law and order.” The Dems don’t want bail set for offenders, they let the criminals walk in the back door and out the front when they are arrested.

The lady who lost her dad to the China virus blames President Trump for his death. This COVID-19 pandemic is horrible and those at the convention are quick the blame the president. They do not say what they would do differently. The Dems want to blame the drop in economic productivity on Trump but they want to keep the economy shut down. If there were easy answers to the virus, they should point them out. This is a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation that is new for the world. If they want to blame all of the pandemic, loss of life and economic problems on President Trump, why are other countries not faring any better. 

The Dems are trying to show Biden is a moderate, the most liberal Senator, Kamala Harris, is only a heartbeat away. And she questioned Joe Biden’s record in the Democratic debates.

Joe Biden has spent 47 years in office and this is not his first run for president. What are his accomplishments? Most Democrats don’t say they are for Biden, they just don’t want President Trump.  

Ed Moreland