This election season the Progressive Women’s Caucus is working to educate voters and encourage participation through efforts to Get Out The Vote (GOTV) in our region. Through events, our newsletter and social media we are providing community members with opportunities to meet candidates and discuss ballot issues. For more information on all our efforts, you can visit our website, Please join us for one of our upcoming events.

Oct. 18th at 5 p.m. over Zoom we are bringing back our popular Blue Book Party. At this event experts and other engaged citizens will present each of the statewide and local ballot initiatives for discussion by participants. Bring your blue book and join our discussion of everything we are considering this cycle.

In collaboration with community partners, the PWC will be doing voter education outreach in Spanish through social media and in person.

And perhaps most important of all, the PWC will host a post-election Zoom gathering to share thoughts after the tumultuous election.

For anyone looking to roll up their sleeves between now and Election Day, information about how you can volunteer to help GOTV across the country is also available on our website. Along with regional and national GOTV movements, we will be writing postcards to local voters, encouraging them to return their ballots.

Ballots were mailed to all registered voters by the county clerk. Every voter should have a ballot in hand by Oct 16th. 

Voters may drop ballots in a drop-box, mail ballots via U.S. Postal Service, or vote in person. Ballot drop-boxes opened Monday and are the best way to return a ballot, with no stamp needed and no delays. Don’t forget to follow all the directions on the ballot so that your vote is counted! Use the secrecy sleeve, and sign the outside envelope.

Residents may register to vote right up to Election Day at . Voters may vote in person, starting Oct. 19. For information about locations of drop-boxes, in-person voting and important election-related dates, or to check one’s voter registration go to .

Join us this election season to get informed, get out the vote, and make your voice heard!

Melanie Montoya Wasserman

PWC Governing Council