From the San Miguel Examiner, March 25, 1899

Town Topics

[A typical day in Telluride]

Yesterday afternoon occurred the first rain of the season … The Pandora slide came down last Saturday afternoon. Two or three mule trains were coming down the trail and came near being in the track of the slide, but no damage occurred … The streets are becoming dry and the bicycle is in evidence again … A slight blaze called the fire department to the ‘Pick and Gad,’ one of the pleasure resorts of the south side, where a portion of the kitchen was found ablaze. The flames were extinguished with little damage to the building.

[The Pick and Gad is the location of  Accommodations in Telluride. Appropriately, it is a lodging company that takes pride in the way they care for overnight guests.]


From The Telluride Times, March 6, 1975

County Court

Larry Holmgren, Thomas A. Roudabush (Roudy) and Edward R. (Sandy) Zuelke, charged with criminal trespass, found guilty, fined $50 each and $6 court costs (specifically charged with taking a quantity of champagne, wine and a wooden Indian from The Rafters.)

[Sorry guys, but your past is coming back to haunt you. Couldn’t resist.]

From The Telluride Times, March 20, 1975

Letters to the Editor



(I forgot the name)


was routed to the correct P.O. box by our very considerate postal ladies.

How wonderful it is to live in a community where it’s possible to have an identity other than the sum total of numbers on wallet cards. For an individual who has fled from a large metropolis where one often assumes a mask as protective coloration, this is an exemplary incident.

Dear little old Telly … it was love at first sight eight years ago and the affair continues.

Frederica Fisher

[And that’s the way it was, folks. When I moved here in the mid-70s one could address mail to “So and so – Town” and that was it. Not even “Town of Telluride,” just “town.” And so I fell in love, too.]


From The Telluride Times, March 15, 1979

Softball Announcement (a paid advertisement)

The Silverjack Restaurant Softball Team will hold its 3rd annual spring training the week of March 19-25 in LaPaz, Mexico, compliments of Dutch Peltier at the Bank of Telluride. Our new coach “The Grey Fox” Tom Russell said there will be a new dedication on the team this year with an emphasis on conditioning, starting with the “Fat Pitcher.”

In answering the question on why we’re going to Mexico this year instead of Arizona, Tom stated one of the apparent weaknesses the SilverJack Team had last year was the lack of “RUNS.”

We hope to change that in Mexico.

Any aspiring or non-aspiring ballplayer wishing to make this all expense trip must follow these conditions:

Jockstrap must be colored silver and no larger than medium

Must sign a contract stating that you will never, never use a counter check again

You must be able to pass a male hormone test and if you can’t pass you will have to ride in the back of the bus.

[Those of you who remember Tom Russell, author of several local, witty melodramas rich in ribald humor and demonstrating the art of the pun, will no doubt be able to attribute the humor in this announcement to him. Tragically, he took his own life a few years later.]

From The Telluride Times, Mar. 22, 1979

Town Council


[Unbelievably, the following four candidates are all still Telluride locals.]

Running for Telluride Town Council are Jim Bedford and Dave Fruen, Sr. Incumbents are Jim Lincoln and Robert Savath.



From the Telluride Times-Journal, Mar. 23, 1989

Street Dance

[The way it was.]

The Telluride Town Council unanimously voted to allow the waiver of the town’s open container law for the 200 and 300 block of W. Colorado (in front of the courthouse) for a street dance. The event is part of the “Surf the Rockies” promotion for the last week of ski season.

While beer and alcohol will not be sold for the street dance, attendees are welcome to “bring their own.”

From the Telluride Times-Journal, Mar. 16, 1989

Depot cultural

resource endangered

by decay

The National Park Service has designated the Telluride depot a “landmark at risk” and is currently trying to solicit donations to save the historic gem.

One hundred years ago the local depot was a center of activity. Each day cars stuffed with ore rolled out of town and people arrived to be a part of the thriving town of 5,000. Today the same building is near collapse, with rotting walls and a shaky foundation – but sitting on perhaps the single largest piece of undeveloped mountainside property at the base of a North American ski resort.

Current owner, Ray Mayer, is having a hard time finding the right buyer.

[The depot was ultimately saved and has gone through several incarnations since that day, including the local favorite Harmon’s Restaurant. It is currently the home of the Ah Haa School.]

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