Last weekend the Town of Rico and the Rico Trails Alliance hosted the third annual Rico Winter Carnival. Carnival attendees enjoyed a variety of winter activities, including snow biking, pond hockey, cross-country skiing, yoga, a bonfire, a chili potluck, and music at the Enterprise Bar and Grill in downtown Rico. The event was again a success, and like any successful endeavor, it could not have happened without the help of a great many people.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the following people and organizations that made this event so much fun. Thank you to the Rico Trail’s Alliance, which, along with the Town of Rico, organized the event.  Thank you to BootDoctors and Box Canyon Bicycles for supplying a multitude of loaner fat bikes for our group ride so those folks who had never been on a fat bike had an opportunity to engage in this extremely enjoyable activity. Thank you to Linda and Genevieve Yellowman for cooking Navajo tacos, as well as everyone else who brought chili and other yummy treats.  Thank you to Telluride Brewing Company and Telluride Distillery for providing us with tasty beverages. Thank you to the Enterprise Bar and Grill for bringing in Reeder and Spencer for musical entertainment. Thank you to the artists of Rico, who organized the snow sculpture/snowman contest. Thank you to Eliza Gass, who lead a yoga class on Saturday morning. Thank you to Ashley Boling, who taught a beginner ski lesson at the park on Sunday. Thank you to the Rico Trails Alliance and the Rico Parks, Open Space and Trails staff, Esteban Roberts and Mike O’Connor, and all of the other volunteers who helped get everything organized. Congratulations to Mike Contillo and Katie Stokes for the best aid station. Most of all, thank you to the visitors and citizens of Rico, without whose participation, the carnival would not have happened.        

Kari Distefano

Rico Town Manager