We have all watched over these past months a pandemic of enormous proportion unfold. Sides have been taken and debates have flourished. Bottom line, we have a healthcare crisis! It has been astonishing to watch parents, elders and those vulnerable all retreat to the safety of their homes. Front line caregivers and essential workers all left in harm’s way. All this while the deniers, the irresponsible, the uninformed and most of all, The Self Indulged mingle in our midst, handing out daily death warrants haphazardly to the most vulnerable. 

Much of this inappropriate behavior is under the guise of “It’s My God Given Right To Not Wear A Mask.” Aren’t we all tired of that overused phrase often used for a myriad of topics, when it is really all about self-indulgence? Our focus should be on treating our fellow human beings with love and respect. So, isn’t it about time for all of us to step up and call out those who are acting irresponsibly? To stand idly aside and watch this travesty unfold is unacceptable. Our military would not stand by while 138,000 of their brothers were in harm’s way. So what’s up? We need to all stand up and say this is unacceptable. Let’s end the madness. We are better than this. 

A special thanks goes out to all of our great journalism professionals who have reported the news factually and have kept us abreast of world matters!   

Denny Hamlin