Growing up visiting Telluride during the summer and ski season, I have seen how much the town has changed and developed. Telluride has quickly become a top ski destination and therefore has the potential to play a large, impactful role in helping conserve wildlife in the beautiful state of Colorado. Habitat loss and fragmentation are two of the biggest contributing factors to species decline and extension worldwide. Fragmentation drastically limits species’ ability to migrate, find mates, and access food and water.

Colorado, and Telluride in particular, are in a position to assume leadership in habitat connectivity and make an impact. The Western Slope is especially important, due to its numerous species essential to the West.

Governor Jared Polis has acted as a leader, by passing executive orders calling for groups to identify the best possibilities for establishing conservation corridors. But the fight against habitat loss in Colorado is not over! Wildlife is extremely important in Telluride, and it is essential for citizens and visitors alike to take action in support of wildlife and habitat connectivity. Help Telluride be a leader in Colorado, by taking steps to help endangered species and support more resilient ecosystems.

We’re asking our elected officials, from council members to state legislators, to acknowledge the importance of this issue and express their support for meaningful action.

Isabella John