San Miguel County is currently in the process of developing an East End Master Plan, which will guide future growth and development in the area. This is an incredibly important process that will shape the county for years to come, and it is crucial that the community has a say in how the plan is developed.

One way for community members to get involved and have their voices heard is by taking the survey that has been created to gather input on the regional master plan. This survey is an opportunity for residents, business owners and other stakeholders to provide their opinions and feedback on the issues that matter most to them. One important issue that the master plan being developed in San Miguel County must address is affordable housing. The cost of living in the area has risen rapidly in recent years, making it increasingly difficult for many people to afford to live here. This has had a particularly significant impact on low-income families and individuals, as well as on those who work in essential industries such as health care and education. By participating in the survey and providing input on the issue of affordable housing, community members can help to shape the regional master plan in a way that addresses this pressing issue. You can offer ideas for policies and programs that can help to increase the supply of affordable housing in the area, such as incentives for developers to build more affordable housing units or zoning changes that allow for more density in certain areas.

Participating in the survey is an easy way to make a big impact. It allows individuals to share their thoughts on a variety of topics, including transportation, housing, land use, economic development and more. By doing so, you can help shape the direction of the master plan and ensure that it reflects the needs and desires of the community. Furthermore, the survey is an inclusive process that welcomes all voices. It provides a platform for people who may not have the time or resources to attend public meetings or participate in other more time-consuming forms of engagement. By taking the survey, you can share their input and contribute to the development of the master plan, regardless of their schedule or availability.

In short, affordable housing is a critical issue that must be addressed in the East End Master Plan. By taking the survey and providing input on this issue, community members can help to ensure that the plan reflects the needs and desires of the community and that it takes concrete steps to address the issue of affordable housing. for the survey link and more information on the planning process.

Mason Osgood