I wrote this thank you letter last year, but never sent it to the paper. With Scott’s year deathiversary March 3, I need to thank everyone who helped us out this past year.  

This is a letter I never wanted to have to write. After having lost Scott, this community has come to our help in so many ways. It’s times like these that I am so appreciative of living in a small town. As many of you heard my other brother say, “Telluride is a small town, but boy does it feel big in time of need.” Thank you all for being there for myself as well as for Peter and Jack. They are feeling the love from everyone as well. I know I can’t thank everyone in this letter, and if I forgot you, thank you too!

Thank you to SAR, Telluride Helitrax, Telluride Ski Patrol, Telluride avalanche dogs, Telluride Ski resort, Bill Jensen, Matt Windt, The Peaks Resort, Steve Togni with the Mountain Lodge, Larry Holmgren and Michael Zivian and all the staff at the Camel’s Garden Hotel, Dave Doemland, Talay and the Inn at Lost Creek, Mike Munno, Lee Zeller, Denise Scanlon, Sarah Holbrooke, Abby Herman, Kathleen Morgan, Christina Lambert, Michelle and Anu Parekh, Tina Tharp, Stephanie Hatcher, everyone cooking on the meal train, and the whole Telluride community. We couldn’t do it without all of you.

Thank you!

Sara, Peter, Jack and Murphy Spencer