A thousand Mahalos to Jerry Greene for giving me one of the best educations in life for free.

I ran away from home my home of Williams, Arizona, at 40 years old during the winter of 2001. I met up with my old friend Jerry Greene who immediately employed me at Baked In Telluride, or should I say immersed me into the hardest, most intense job that I ever had, as a nighttime baker working from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.

After a few short weeks, I got a second job at Baked In Telluride as an office worker. I would work my night shift, then check out, then recheck in as an office worker, and do intense office work with Jerry.

I was a retired publisher and truck driver for 21 years, and I had no idea how to run an office let alone how to make donuts, bagels and yummy bagel sandwiches.

My new colleagues, who quickly became trusted friends and were predominantly from Mexico and Guatemala, taught me well and also taught me the love of Mariachi and Mexican music, and everyone there taught me how to speak Spanglish very well.

Jerry allowed me to stay in his basement on the wrestling mats until I found permanent housing. He also welcomed my Husky dog, Blazer, into the household, too.

I currently have been living on the island of Kauai for the past nine years. Jerry and I kept in touch via text messages and phone calls. I’m recovering from AML leukemia, and he was fighting his health issues.

I love Jerry Greene. He is my maestro and mentor.

I look forward to the day that I meet up with Jerry Greene again and discuss our differences in religion, our similarities and differences in politics, and our love of skiing.

So long, old friend, until we meet again.

Douglas Glasscock