Based on the differing views regarding Michael Zivian’s conversion of the Creekside employee housing to condominiums, the tenants, all of whom are low-income town employees, have just two concerns.

Offering a time frame to the tenants to find replacement housing is not sufficient. One year, two years, even five years is not a solution, when the availability of employee housing is nonexistent, unless, of course, the town has plans for building or acquiring more units.

An offer to the tenants of first right of refusal to purchase their respective units is not an option. Unless Mr. Zivian, who has previously stated that he would help with financing, is willing to finance 100 percent, with no down payment, to waiters, busboys, ski-tuners, hotel employees, etc. That’s the reality; we are low-income town employees, who live paycheck to paycheck. Purchasing a deed-restricted condo, one that is 26 years old with thin walls, dated plumbing and no assigned parking, is obviously not the tenants best option.

Aside from these concerns, please understand that we do not have any issue with Mr. Zivian’s desire to the convert the units to condos. Its business, we get it. But the tenants have been helping to pay Mr. Zivian’s mortgage for the last 26 years, and want only one thing, comparable replacement housing.

Randall Saldin on behalf of concerned residents of Creekside