The programming staff at Wilkinson Public Library would like to effusively thank the Telluride Arts board and staff for allowing us to use the Transfer Warehouse for many of our events over the past few months. Their beautiful outdoor space allowed us to offer several events to the public while being safely distanced outdoors. We don't know what we would have done without it! Telluride Arts has genuinely opened their doors to the whole community during this time, making use of their space to welcome countless events that couldn't have otherwise occurred. Their community-minded actions have served to build Telluride's cultural core in new ways during an unexpected year. Telluride Arts board made sure it was available to the public and the staff made sure the space was clean, functional, and everything ran smoothly. A big thanks to our friends across the street! 

Laura Colbert, Joanna Spindler, Jeannie Stewart and Gloria Chavira