The upcoming November election is an important one both locally and for the state of Colorado at large. There will be many important items on the ballot, and each has value and must be considered carefully. Yet it is also an opportunity for us, as a community and state, to define what is truly important. To that end, I am writing to solicit support for both Amendment 73 and local Ballot Measure 4A. By supporting these measures, we are demonstrating our common belief in the value of our children and their continued right to an excellent public education. For many years the TABOR amendment has hamstrung our state in regards to making funds available for public entities, including K-12 education. Each year, the Telluride School District is underfunded approximately $1 million so that the state can balance its budget. Ultimately, those who suffer the most are our students, the very future of our local community and state.

Here in Telluride, we are fortunate to have great schools. We have a superb group of teachers, small classes, and we continue to offer robust and varied programs to our students. Yet in order to continue to retain these great teachers and offer a world-class education, we need the funding to do so.

Amendment 73 is a step in the right direction for education funding in Colorado. This statewide amendment would bring approximately $1.6 million per year to the Telluride School District.  It is a progressive income tax that will only impact those who make over $150,000 a year and its passage would serve to revitalize schools across the state. However, if this statewide amendment fails there is also a local hope. Measure 4A seeks a mill levy override that would bring approximately $1.2 million to the district per year. This mill levy is approximately $11.61 per $100,000 of assessed property value and would also help us sustain our amazing schools. Furthermore, it is important to note that if Amendment 73 does pass at the state level, Measure 4A would not be imposed.

Voting yes for both Amendment 73 and 4A would help ensure that one of these measures pass so that we can continue to support our strong schools here in Telluride. This is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our values — putting our kids first to ensure that all of our kids have access to a quality education. Thank you for your consideration and support.


Chad Terry

Intermediate School Principal