Dear Editor,

We are writing this letter to raise concern around the current application to relocate County Road 61V on Hastings Mesa. It has come to the attention of the landowners of Hastings Estates and Hastings Mesa Estates that County Road 61V may be approved for re-alignment along the edge of the private property owned by Spitfire Realty LLC.  

This May, the law team of Bradley Switzer met with residents from both subdivisions to introduce the proposal to move CR 61V Road set forth by owner of Spitfire Realty Rod Lewis. The meeting was a county-mandated step that Spitfire Realty was required to meet before county application submittal. Due to the time of year, nearly 80 percent of current landowners were unable to attend.

The Switzer law team had maps available, and as we were on-site, the new road proposal was staked out for inspection. At that time, Mr. Switzer portrayed Mr. Lewis as a ranch investor and not a real estate developer. There are no land parcels in our subdivision zoned for agricultural or ranch use. Mr. Lewis has three pieces of property that run adjacent to the first section of CR 61V as it currently exists. Two lots are within Hastings Estates subdivision and the third parcel is the corner of the True Grit Ranch.  It is Spitfire Reality’s intention to privatize that first section of CR 61V road for Mr. Lewis’s personal use. It is also their intention to re-route the other 54 landowners to the outskirts of a parcel of land currently owned by Spitfire.  

This proposal has no benefit for the other 54 land parcels, but may have great financial benefit to Spitfire Reality. Turning the first section of CR 61V into a private road would give Mr. Lewis a great deal more privacy and the ability to plow snow gaining winter access. 61V is classified as an unmaintained county road with no winter access, a fact disclosed to landowners prior to land sales. Mr. Lewis’s intent to turn the first section of our subdivision road into a private driveway will indeed increase the value of his parcels that lie adjacent to existing CR 61V. This is contrary to Mr. Switzer’s portrayal of Mr. Lewis as a ranch investor as this proposal looks very much like a tactic to increase the value of his real estate investment.  

Residents of both Hastings Estates and Hastings Mesa Estates have maintained CR 61V voluntarily since 1998 in good faith with the county. For over 20 years, our HOA has pledged approximately $148,610 to road maintenance and $28,100 to annual snow plowing. As a community, we have come together with a sense of stewardship for CR 61V by investing time and money in an effort to maintain this road.  

Presently, the majority of responses from property owners are opposed to re-alignment and two longtime landowners directly impacted by the road relocation are concerned that their property values will decrease if the road is moved. We implore the county not to approve the permit to relocate CR 61V, as it is not in the best interest of the subdivisions that this road serves.

The majority of our landowners make Hastings Mesa a fulltime or part-time place to reside. Mr. Lewis seems to fall into the category of absentee homeowner with a primary interest to increase the value of his property. It is our hope that the county will not approve his request.

Most respectfully,

Jay Crowell and Carol Hiatt

Thank you, Clark’s Market

Dear Editor,

Clark’s Market in Telluride sponsored the Volunteers of Telluride Fire and EMS during their nonprofit month of May promotion by collecting receipts from every purchase and then donating a percentage to our nonprofit organization.

It was very successful and we cannot thank the whole Clark’s Market team enough for choosing our volunteers for this fund-raising campaign. Donations like these helps keep our organizations going strong so we can support the volunteers that make themselves available 24/7/365 to serve the citizens of the greater Telluride area.

We have a saying around the firehouse among the fire and EMS volunteers that we are there to be the best part of your worst day. As a community we are all in this together and we are there for each other in good times and bad. It is efforts like this one that Clark’s just promoted which really drives home the fact that in our community we take care of each other.

Thank you again to Clark’s Market for their support. If you have an interest in joining our ranks as either an EMS provider or a firefighter please call 728-3801 to learn more on how you may become a volunteer and be part of serving your community as one of our members.


David Wadley, TVFD, Chief

Emil Sante, Telluride EMS

Chief Paramedic