Much has been written about the mind-body connection, and how what is going on with the body can affect our mental state and vice versa. This connection can often be unconscious, and we may try to work with either the body or the mind as an entity separate from the other. Below are a few pointers to support a harmonious integration of the mind and the body to live your best life:

Allow what is to be as it is: So often in life, we resist what is happening. And when we resist, push back or try to control the world, the body, the mind or another person, the most common response we get is push back on us. This way of reacting to life consumes a lot of energy and is exhausting for both the mind and the body. It takes courage and discernment to allow what is to be as it is, and let me be clear here, this does not mean giving up, condoning any wrong-doing or staying passive in a non-mutual situation. Rather, when we accept what is as it is, we can actually respond effectively to situations and be open to solutions rather than fighting what we don’t like. Releasing ourselves from “wishing things were different” opens us up to allowing life to carry us in a metaphorical raft instead of us paddling upstream or getting thrashed in the rapids.   

Let go of limiting emotions and embrace inner confidence and clarity: Underneath every emotion, at the core of our being, there is stillness, spaciousness through which nature’s intelligence is shining and showing the way. By pausing and allowing whatever emotions of the moment to be as they are, we can notice that we are that which is aware of the emotions, not the emotion itself. Like clouds in the sky, mental and emotional energies can pass through our mind as thoughts/feelings, and the body as sensations. When these clouds pass through, we can notice the sky, and in this metaphor, the sky represents a mental state in which our inner confidence and clarity are easily accessible and our body and mind can move forward in life with resiliency.   

Asking the right questions: Sometimes asking “why” questions to further understand a problem/situation is useful, but be aware if you are getting stuck and feeding the problem. If there is a recurring situation that you don’t like, instead of asking, “Why does this keep happening?” re-direct the mind to be solution-oriented with questions such as, “What will help resolve this situation?” “What additional resources are available to me now?” “How can I look at this from a new angle?” “What will support my body/mind right now?” “What are my options?” “What is essential?” These types of questions nourish mental agility, and the body can align with actions that create healthy life flow.  

Focus on what is already working, and listen to the body’s messages: Where our attention goes, energy flows. Notice where there is already success, and let the mind continue to create from that. The body can serve as a compass to let us know if we are on or off track through how it feels. It is natural to experience expansion and contraction ( both are required for the lungs and heart to function), and we can feel nervous when we try something for the first time or move forward with a decision where there is uncertainty. However, if you have chronic physical suffering, then the body is telling you something is not working and there is an issue to be addressed in a different way. You can go through the first three pointers in this article to see an old situation from a new angle and allow things to shift naturally.  

Embracing both the body and mind and allowing there to be spacious, dynamic interaction between the two consciously creates a platform for inner harmony no matter what is being experienced. And from the spaciousness of inner harmony, there are unlimited possibilities, and the path of most ease and flow can reveal itself. How can you nourish resiliency in both your mind and body right now? What will further allow you to align with the natural flow of life and live with health and vitality for what matters most? Have fun exploring these questions and may your world open up in the most amazing of ways.

Kim Moriyama is a mindset coach. She can be reached at 970-426-8867 or