Ballots have been mailed, and kudos to those who have already completed and returned theirs — no doubt out of an understandable desire to inject a reasonable voice (and vote) into an election cycle that has been marked by such irrational rancor.  

But perhaps, like us, other readers have a habit of waiting until Election Day to submit their ballot (we’ve always felt it a privilege to display our “I Voted” stickers to our students in hopes of modeling civic engagement).  

If so, we encourage those late voters to join us in supporting both Amendment 73 and the local mill levy 4A. We’re sure you’ve heard the spiel that if 73 passes, 4A’s levies will not go into effect. Either way, the need is clearly there.  

Most of our seniors, in what is by far the largest graduating class in Telluride High School history, are just now deep into the college application process, and we’ve been reminded once again of just how critical our community’s ongoing support of its school system has been in providing, year after year, such a wonderful launching pad for our youth.  

So if you haven’t yet filled in your ballot, please join us in voting yes on both 73 and 4A in an effort to supply the funding that our schools so desperately need. 

David and Karen Lavender