I was extremely disappointed to read in the Friday edition that the increase in homicides in large cities brought about by leftist Democrat judges’ who grant PR bonds to repeat and dangerous criminals, has made its way to San Miguel County. PR bonds (personal recognizance bonds), which are granted by a judge, allow a defendant to be released without posting any bail or collateral. The defendant’s signature acts as their promise to appear in court.

From the article, the defendant doesn’t appear to have a permanent residence. The Sheriff’s Office spokesperson stated, “His whereabouts are unknown right now.” The likelihood of this person appearing in court is miniscule.

Instead of putting the burden to post bond on this defendant to insure his appearance in court, San Miguel County residents and guests all have to be on alert to an unnamed, unidentified, clearly dangerous and disturbed person, who has been arrested on various charges. Now hundreds, if not thousands, of citizens and visitors are inconvenienced, apprehensive or scared to go on hikes knowing a potentially disturbed person is wandering around with numerous weapons.

How are the citizens and visitors of San Miguel County supposed to be on alert and adequately protect themselves when there is absolutely no information with which to prepare?

The Telluride Daily Planet should publish the judge’s name and the defendant’s name and photo.

Once the judge’s name has been made public, the San Miguel County voters can show their displeasure with the judge’s extremely careless and negligent decision to grant a PR bond by making sure this judge is removed from office at the earliest opportunity.

The judge’s decision to allow this person to roam around is unconscionable, but this is what leftist judges do, they protect criminals at the expense of, and danger to, the citizens.

Dan Agan

Mountain Village