Dealing with the Covid issue reminded me of my time in T-ride. After I returned from visiting friends and family in Germany during offseason, ready to open up for the summer season, the hantavirus hit. Then came the rainy season.

Oh well, we'll catch up when winter rolls around. I staffed heavily, it was going to be my 10th anniversary with the Bierstube. The outlay of money was immense, but hope of recovery was there (it was a no-snow year).

I had to reduce staff and ask family for financial help.

As I sit here in my lovely home in Montrose, it is easy for me to be isolated, which I have to do, as I am 78 years of age.

So, stay focused. Life as we have known it will return.

I love you all, my former customers and friends, and did you know that we had over 300 mug club members? I have all of your addresses. Speichert and thinking of you.

Christel Leimgruber